What would have been seen at Easter Sunrise worship if the clouds had parted.

Anybody hoping to wear their Easter bonnet today on the Outer Banks would be better served donning a rain hat. As Easter weather goes, today was not the best—overcast, rain, cool temperature. The sunrise services didn’t see much of a sunrise, but the rains didn’t arrive until late morning, so worship on the beach—which is a wonderful place for a sunrise service—was at least dry.

The Easter Egg hunts—or extravaganzas, as they are often called—were on Friday and Saturday, so the kids got to have some fun, find some eggs and eat a lot of chocolate.

Last week was sort of a springtime tease; some sunshine, mild temperatures. And it looks as though that pattern is set for next week as well. Some sunshine, a little rain mid week, followed by cooler temperatures early next week if the forecast can be trusted.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Outer Banks. Businesses are open, the weather is pleasant—some springtime showers but that’s normal for everywhere. The summer time crowds are no where to be seen. We love our summer visitors, but service is a bit faster before they get here.

The fishing has been sporadic but not spectacular. It looks as though there may be some good surf conditions mid week. Water temperature is in the lower 50s. Surfers plan accordingly.