At the 2014 Duck Jazz Festival-one ofthe many special events that fill the fall calendar.

Now that the Outer Banks summer season is officially over—or will be in just a matter of days—it’s time to take a look at fall on this strip of sand by the sea. For a lot of reasons, summer is the most popular time to visit the Outer Banks, but ask almost any local, and they’ll tell you, autumn is the best time to be here.

That being said, here are four Brindley Beach Vacations reasons to visit the Outer Banks in the fall.

The weather is spectacular and the water temperature is perfect. Gone is the summer heat; daytime temperatures tend to be in the low to mid 80 into early October, the humidity is a little lower, but the ocean water temperatures stay in the mid 70s to 80 through October.

Fall is Festival Time on the Outer Banks. There’s not much point in trying to organize a festival or special event in the summer. Everyone who lives here is working insane hours making sure we’re taking care of our guests so there’s no extra time to put into a special event. That changes in the fall. There’s a little more time to organized things and people are looking for an excuse to get away. Oh, and the weather is spectacular.

Surf conditions are some of the best of the year. There are, of course, no guarantees, but over the course of time the cleanest surf and best waves show up September through October on the Outer Banks.

Fall fishing is legendary on the Outer Banks. And for good reason. The waters of the Outer Banks are considered a transitional zone between the subtropical waters of the Gulf Stream and the cold north Atlantic waters of the Labrador Current. In the fall, species from both habitats congregate off the Outer Banks. In shore, near shore, off shore, surf fishing, pier fishing . . . it’s all good.

One more reason—peak season rates have fallen considerably and there is a good selection of homes available. Give us a call at Brindley Beach Vacations—(877) 642-3224—and let’s plan a fall getaway together.