The Hippie House Gallery is open again. That's Jerry Pontes behind the counter greeting customers.

The Hippie House Gallery is open again. That’s Jerry Pontes behind the counter greeting customers.

The Hippie House Gallery, in Kill Devil Hills almost on the Nags Head town line is alive and well again.

Now we realize that’s not earth shattering news and maybe it’s not really all that important, but in other ways it is important.

Because what it’s really about is how friends will come together to help a friend in need.

Back in October, the town of Kill Devil Hills told Jerry Pontes, who owns and lives in the building, as well as running his business from there, that the structure was so far out of code that he had to immediately close his business and could not stay there.

Jerry had inherited the building from his mother and had lived there since 1985. Now well into his 60s with some health issues, he was suddenly homeless and with no way to support himself.

Friends Help a Friend

Then his friends stepped in.

It started when word was put out about the situation on Facebook. Then local musician Monty Hooker, whose day job is an electrician, rewired the building—that was the biggest concern of the town.

People also found Jerry a place to stay while things were being brought up to code. Money was collected to help pay for the supplies needed for the repairs. Some outdoor structural work was done and by January, the home passed inspection.

With a place to live, Jerry started planning for his 2021 season and getting the Hippie House Gallery ready for our visitors.

And, of course, a big thank you to the friends that helped him through a very difficult time.

That thank you was Saturday with a wonderful gathering in the yard behind the store. Some great music from musicians Monty Hooker and Chris Toolan, lots of pizza, a little beer ad a great time.

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