Father’s Day 2016 is a beautiful day here on the Outer Banks. Not a cloud in the sky, pleasant temperatures—just about ideal.

Father’s Day is all about memories . . . remembering special moments with our fathers and creating new memories for our children. It would be hard to imagine a better place to create new memories than the Outer Banks.

There is something magical about the beach, the sound of the surf, the early images of a father holding a child’s hand taking that first step into the surf. At the edge of the tide mark, fathers and sons and daughters have constructed sandcastles that are engineering wonders since the seashore first became a place to vacation.

The memory of holding a string and watching a kite soar into the sky is has been shared by fathers and their children from generation to generation, and the Outer Banks may be the finest place anywhere to launch a kite.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park, with it barren dunes almost always has conditions ideal for kite flying. The lawn of the Whalehead Club is a great location on the northern end of the Outer Banks to watch a kite soar into the sky.

There are other moments captured in time that can become a part of family life as well. A father and daughter paddling kayaks on the sound . . . riding bikes along the many multi-use paths that line the Outer Banks roads . . . or chasing ghost crabs on the beach.

Memories are waiting to be created on the Outer Banks and at Brindley Beach Vacation, we look forward to helping our guests create new ones every year.