It’s almost February and if there’s such a thing as the winter blues, this would be the time for it. Of course with edify like we had to day on the Outer Banks, there’s no point in hanging your head—you would just miss the sunshine and deep blue skies.

There’s a perception that when winter comes the Outer Banks rolls up the sidewalks and closes down for a couple of months. That is not accurate at all. Is it as busy as it is in the summer? Of course not. But there is still plenty to do.

At Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head the 38th Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show is in full swing. Featuring 75 original paintings, jewelry, sculpture and other expressions of creativity by local artists, it’s a great show and worth taking a look.

One of the most exciting things happening is the All Saints Episcopal Church After Dark at All Saints.

The list of classes is too substantial to even begin putting down—cooking classes, wine and beer discussions, classes on health and well-being, technology—the list is truly extensive.

Classes are only $20 which seems like a really good deal. Some of the more popular courses are filled already—especially the cooking classes, but there are still a lot of openings otherwise.

Contact All Saints Church at 252-261-6674 or register online.