One of the new additions to the Corolla herd. Probably Roamer.
One of the new additions to the Corolla herd. Probably Roamer.

And now we are two…foals that is. 

The first reports from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund are that a new addition has been added to the Wild Horses in Outer Banks herd. These are wild mustangs that roam Carova and came out earlier this month. About a week later a second foal was seen.

Typically, according to the folks at the CWHF about six foals are born every year to the Wild Horses in Outer Banks herd. 

There is no confirmation yet, but herd managers think both foals are mares.

All foals born this year will have names beginning with the letter R. It’s one of the methods the organization uses to keep track of the herd.

2019 Foals from the Wild Horses in Outer Banks Herd Have Names Beginning With R

The first horse was named Renzi, a woman who is in hospice care but still made it to the Outer Banks late last month celebrated her birthday with the wild mustangs.

The second foal will be named after Roamer, who died in January of this year.

Roamer got his name because that’s what he did, swimming around the fence that runs from sea to sound that keeps the horses away from the paved section of NC 12. He did that a number of times and the decision was finally made to take him to a facility the CWHF keeps for horses that cannot be returned to the herd.

The Wild Horses in Outer Banks herd’s population is controlled by administering a federally approved contraceptive to adult mares. The overall health of the herd has improved over the last few years, and the use of a contraceptive to keep mares from breeding too early or when they are too old is considered an important part of that.

Genetic testing has established the herd as a direct link to the Spanish mustangs of the Conquistadores. Although there are other genetic markers in herd’s ancestry, the Corolla herd and the Shacklford Banks herd are considered the best examples of a breed of horses that no longer exists.

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