Father’s Day on the Outer Banks is probably a lot like other places, although there is probably a bit more for dad and the kids to do.

As Father’s Days go, today is about as good as it gets—a perfect beach day and a chance to spend some time with the people in our lives who truly mean the most.

Whether visiting or living here, one of the best things about the Outer Banks is how family oriented it is. For those of us who have been other places and now live here, it truly is one of the most remarkable features of the area.

That doesn’t mean other places don’t have special things for dads and kids to do, but it is wonderful to be able to take a son or a daughter to the beach and talk to them about fishing. Or head over to Jockey’s Ridge State Park and fly a kite together. Or even something as simple as a bike ride along the many multi-use paths that are so much a part of the our towns.

In many ways, that third weekend in June—Father’s Day weekend—marks the official beginning of the Outer Banks summer season; all the kids are out of school and families can take the time to spend a week or two on this strip of sand that is so special.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful over the past week and it looks as though that trend is going to continue for a while. Perfect for some time for the whole family to create memories to treasure.