Under the heading of “The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same,” NCDOT is fixing the Beach Road north of the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk. That’s the same stretch of road that was just repaired after a late season nor’easter undermined the asphalt. That repair was completed in August.

This round of damage to the road is courtesy of the pounding surf and northeast wind we experienced from late September to early October. Although Hurricane Joaquin briefly entered into the picture, the storm had little to do with the damage done to the road—that was courtesy of a week of 6-8’ seas.

The good news, such as there is, is that the initial repair that was completed in August held up remarkably well. The sandbags that were put down as a foundation for the repaired road seemed to suffer little if any damage and the road resting on the sandbags looks fine. Actually intact and good enough to be the staging area for the repair work.

The bad news is that the damage to the road extends another 100 yards to the north, the damaged road was not included in the sandbag repairs from the summer. 

In addition to the repairing the road, NCDOT will also be restoring the dune line that was demolished.

Weather permitting, repairs to the road are scheduled to be completed by mid December.