Getting ready to launch a stunt kite on Jockey's Ridge.

We forget sometimes that there is joy to being a child and experiencing things for the first time. That thought comes to mind when we took an eight year old out to Jockey’s Ridge to fly a stunt kite.

The kite, a gift from his sister and her boyfriend, was a very nice kite—a Prism Kites Quantum, a little more expensive than most entry level kites, but something that should challenge him for some time and hold up really well.

It was a fairly windy in the late afternoon when we got there, the wind seemed to be hold steady around 15-18 mph.The Prism is an 84” kite, somewhat large for an eight year old, but that certainly didn’t seem to intimidate the boy.

We got the kite set up, walked the lines out, talked a little bit about safety and what to expect, propped the kite up, gave him a thumbs up and let it rip.

The wind grabs the kite, and suddenly and eight year old is dragged 10’ across the sand before the kite comes down. “Are you alright? Are you alright?”

He stands up and he’s laughing. “That was awesome!” he yells.

Some more instruction follows . . . let the kite go straight up over your head . . . there’s no pull when it’s there . . . you’ll have a chance to control it.

He nods. Back to propping the kite up. Thumbs up again. The kite goes up, over his head . . . and suddenly, this eight year old who has never flown a stunt kite before is flying his kite.

Was he still getting dragged around a bit? It was windy and he doesn’t weigh much more than 85 pounds so yes. Was he having fun? Amazing fun. Worth every second and every grain of sand.