Newest Wild Horse Herd foal Bramble and his mother.

Newest Wild Horse Herd foal Bramble and his mother.

And now they are six…six new foals for the Corolla Wild Horse herd in Carova. The newest addition is Bramble, born just four days ago.

Bramble is, admittedly, neither a boy’s nor a girl’s name. That ’s because, as herd managers said in a Facebook post, “we think it’s a filly…still need a closer look.

It’s great news, though to add another member to the herd. Even though it seems like there have been more foals than normal this year, we’re still in the normal range. Typically there are 4-6 new additions every year.

The names of the six foals who have been born this year are, Betsy, Benjamin, Bee, Bramble, Billie and Bridget.

The herd numbers are still fairly low though. There is a management agreement that specifies a herd between 110-130. Right now the herd is at 103.

The management agreement is between the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and various agencies including US Fish and Wildlife. The Corolla Estuarine Reserve, where some of the horses frequently go, is jointly administered North Carolina and Fish and Wildlife.

Managers for the CWHF hope for more foals this year.

Watching out for the Wild Horses

Although there are unfortunately some deaths every year, sometimes a horse will have to be removed because of disease or injury. When that is done, the CWHF has a farm where the horses can continue to live their lives, but in a much more protected environment. They are, though, no longer considered wild and cannot be counted with the herd.

It is very important to remember that the Corolla Wild Horses are just that—wild horses. The law and common sense says keep at least 50’ away from them. Do not interact with them and absolutely do not feed them. At least two horse in the past six or seven years have died after eating human food.

The beautiful to see though and when visiting the Outer Banks, make an effort to get to Carova and check them out for yourself. Plan that trip while staying at a Brindley Beach Vacation home and the visit will be even more enjoyable.