Sunset from the Paper Canoe, Duck.

For good reason the people rave about the sunsets on the Outer Banks. With the sound to the west there is almost always a wonder view across open water as the ends its day.

There are a lot of places on the Outer Banks to capture a sunset and if we tried to list everything…well, it would go on for quite some time. 

The surprising thing is, though, that there are not that many restaurants that offer a great sunset view with a meal or a drink. 

We thought we would list a few. There are certainly a couple of others, but for a couple or a family that would like to relax at the end of a day, get a bite to eat and watch the sunset, here are some suggestions.

Pamlico Jack’s. Nags Head

Pamlico Jack’s is one of our favorite places to catch a sunset and get a bite to eat or sip a drink. Located in Nags Hear a little before the Causeway, there is a very nice outdoor seating area with a bar. The indoor seating is arranged so everyone gets to look out over Roanoke Sound and watch the sunset. With Roanoke Island as part of the Back drop it’s a great view.

Duck Boardwalk

The Town of Duck’s boardwalk is about a mile long, and its’s a wonderful place for an eventing walk. What really sets the boardwalk apart is there are three or four places along the way to get something to eat or enjoy a drink. Aqua Restaurant and Bar at the south end is particularly nice and during the summer often features live music on its outdoor deck.

Paper Canoe

Great food and a great sunset. Very nice wine list too. 

The Paper Canoe on the north end of Duck, is located in an elevated building with nothing to obstruct the view from the bar of Currituck Sound. For some reason the sunsets at this particular location are often some of the most spectacular.