Ten o Six Food Truck, on of many specializing in fast food done right.

Ten o Six Food Truck, on of many specializing in fast food done right.

Just intimate for our visitors, it looks as though there will be some unexpected choices for lunch and dinner. And maybe even breakfast.

The towns are figuring out how they can allow food trucks to serve food and allow for limited outdoor seating. Right now Kill Devil Hills is taking the lead on the idea, but every town is trying to come up with a way that it can happen.

The most scenario, based on some emergency regulations that Governor Cooper has put through, would allow some seating in the restaurant’s parking lot.

It’s still not full dining in a sit down table, but it is a step forward. The obvious drawback is that it’s weather dependent.

Our Outer Banks food trucks serve up some amazing food.We know that because of the Food Truck Showdowns that Mike Dianna sponsored for the past couple of years. Another one was scheduled for early next month, but right now with the necessary social restrictions in place, it is doubtful if it will happen.

Still—good news and we’ll be in that socially distant line with everyone else.

Some Things to Know Before Coming

Now that the Outer Banks is reopening to our visitors, there are a couple of thing that it’s really important to know.

We can’t stress enough—bring as much of your own food and paper goods from home as you can. Like the rest of the nation, food stores on the Outer Banks are experiencing supply chain problems.

Provided paper goods (toilet paper and paper towels) are even on the shelf, store are limiting the number of packages that can be purchased.

The same holds true for meat. Meat is not is as short supply as paper goods, but stores are limiting purchases and from time to time there is nothing to purchase.

Also, social distancing is a state requirement. Masks are strongly recommended, and almost all Outer Banks residents wear a mask when they are in a situation where social distancing may be difficult.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we are so excited to have our guests back on the Outer Banks. Honk and wave as you pass our offices.