The family vacation to the Outer Banks has become a yearly tradition—a tradition that everyone anticipates and as the car crests the Wright Memorial Bridge, everyone’s spirit seems to soar and there are smiles all around. 

The first year it was week; after a while it became two weeks; then the discussions started focussing on two weeks plus long weekends, and at some point the thought of home ownership on the Outer Banks becomes a topic of conversation.

Here at Brindley Beach, we understand what’s happening—that the dream vacation has become the dream of owning property on the Outer Banks. 

If that is what is happening in your family, or if you are looking for an investment property, check out the Real Estate Seminar we offer every Wednesday and Thursday morning between 10 and 11 a.m. at our office in Duck. 

We are the experts in sales and property management on the Outer Banks and in our casual yet informative seminars you will gain the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about buying an Outer Banks property: what is the process, what are the insurance requirements, what properties are for sale and many more facts you will need.

If you can’t make our seminars, stop by our office or gives us a call and make an appointment to talk to one of our property experts. You’ll be glad you did.