The OBX Fun Fair Carnival has returned to the Nags Head Soundside Event Site.

The OBX Fun Fair Carnival has returned to the Nags Head Soundside Event Site.

The Nags Head Fun Fair Carnival is back. One more sign that things are retuning to normal.

The Fun Fair, was first held in 2011 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of Nags Head as a town. That first fair was so successful that they just kept it going.

This year gets the award as the 10th Annual Fun Fair Carnival because there was no carnival in 2020.

The fair is opens its doors at 5:00 p.m. and closes at 11:00. Ready to welcome kids of all ages from June 10 through the 13th, it’s truly a fun time. Sort of an old-fashioned fun time, perhaps.

There’s a ferris wheel, zero gravity well, bumper cars, two or three rides for the younger kids—everything for a wonderful evening for a family.

There are, also, of course, the typical games that have been a part of carnival life probably since the idea first came to life. Knocking bottles over, a ring toss, sinking basketballs in a basket that is a little bit smaller than regulation. It’s all there.

And, of course, funnel cakes, hotdogs and cotton candy.

Held at the Nags Head Soundside Event Site, it is at a lone a perfect reminder that summer has returned and things may be returning to normal.

A couple of reminders now that things really are getting back to the way they should be.

Traffic can be very heavy at times. Please be patient. Especially on the Beach Road—Virginia Dare Highway—there are a lot of crosswalks. When pedestrians are in a crosswalk, they have the right of way and drivers are required to stop. The speed limit on the Beach Road is 35mph—with all the pedestrian traffic, that’s a good speed.

Although the speed limit on US158, the Bypass, is 45-50, with all the traffic and the stop and go, sometimes the Beach Road is the better choice. It’s certainly a more peaceful drive.

The Outer Banks is filled once again with visitors. It may be difficult to find something this summer but fall is just around the corner and Brindley Beach Vacation homes are perfect for any season.