Hard to imagine, but summer is winding down on the Outer Banks. Mixed feelings on that, especially if you live here. It’s go, go, go for three months and it will be nice to slow down just a bit, but on the other hand, you get use to having all those visitors here and the vast majority of folks who choose to vacation with us are genuinely nice people.
Just because summer is gone, though, doesn’t mean there is nothing to do on the Outer Banks, and for our Brindley Beach guests in the Corolla area–or anyone from Southern Shores and north, the Whalehead Club may be the center of activity through September and into October.
The Whalehead Club is going to continue their Wednesday Wine Festival into October–October 9 is the last one for the season. Sanctuary Vineyards comes over from their home at the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg on the mainland, Corolla Wine, Cigar, and Gourmet breaks out some domestic and international wines and it’s all a great time in a beautiful setting. $20 ticket that includes a tour of the Whalehead Club, and if you have never been inside you owe it to yourself to make the trip. Tasting begins at 3 in the afternoon.
Little bit out of sequence since we’re talking about the Whalehead Club, but we’re going to drop a quick plug in for Summer Wine Down! at Sanctuary Vineyards. A bit of a trek, especially from Corolla to Jarvisburg on the mainland, but the setting on the north lawn of the Cotton Gin is ideal for families and picnics, there’s live music, very enjoyable wines and stuff for kids to do. Starts at 5:30 and it’s scheduled to run through late September, which should wrap things up on the 26th.
Back to the Whalehead Club. Coming up on Tuesday, September 5, Wine & Swine. It’s just what it says . . . and more. Eastern NC barbecue, barbecue in general, throw in some seafood, some specialty offerings from area chefs and a gourmet’s delight is created. Pair that with wine and craft beer, mix in some music from local bands, include activities for kids, and you end up with a wonderful day for the whole family.
Sunday, October 6 is Heritage Day–kind of a localized County Fair with the high school marching band, local artists, children’s activities and antique cars. Very family friendly–even includes the dog, on a leash, of course.
Finally, there’s the Corolla Car Show on October 20. Seems like a nice way to spend a Sunday . . . beautiful setting, classic and antique cars and a relaxing day.
Before we go, we do want to put one more plug in for another Sanctuary Vineyards event. 
The Currituck Food & Wine Festival on Saturday, September 28 at the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg has become a pretty big fall happening. Working with Currituck County, vineyard manager, John Wright brings in wines from all over the state, puts together some great activities, including the Great Currituck Grape Stomp . . . which is exactly what you think it is, and generally creates a wonderful day of fun.
So–yes, summer is almost gone, but there is still a ton of stuff to do on the Outer Banks. Hope to see you in the fall.