Villages at Ocean Hill, Semi-Oceanfront Resort

Now that February is officially here—it doesn’t really start until after the Super Bowl—there are some reminders the here at Brindley Beach Vacations we like to put out there for vacation property owners. It’s simple, straightforward suggestions and we try to remind everyone just about this time every year.

Take a good, critical look at your property. Think about the first impression a guest is going to have when they park their car in the driveway. That first impression is going to influence everything they feel about your property.

A lot of that has to do with little things. Does you home need some touch up paint; it’s cold and not much is growing now, but in the spring and summer, does you property need the touch of a professional landscaper. Now is the time to make sure the services that will be needed to maintain your property are put in place. When summer comes, everyone is already scheduled and it will be too late.

Look at the interior of the property—the living rooms and bedrooms. Do they feel warm and welcoming. Chances are if it’s comfortable to you, it will be to your guests as well.

If there is work that will take a contractor to do, it is very important to get someone ready to do the work as soon as possible. Housing construction has really picked up over the past year on the Outer Banks and skilled artisans are finding their time is more and more in demand.