Tasting wine at the Red Nose Wine Festival


What’s the mailman’s motto? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat . . . “ Ok it didn’t snow, and the heat wasn’t too bad, but a little bit of rain didn’t keep everyone from having a great time at the 2nd Annual Towne Bank Red Nose Wine Festival in Manteo.
Actually it didn’t even rain all that much . . . well it rained hard, but pretty quickly and then some sporadic light showers, so it was still a good time and there were a lot of people there.
No one got very wet anyway–except for me, but only because I was walking from my car when the hard rain hit. There were tents set up everywhere, and the main tent with all the wine and beer tasting, as well as the food, just became a wonderful, cozy gathering place in a 4000 sq. ft. kind of way.
The music never stopped–musicians had their own tent, the private cabanas of the sponsors had friends standing around talking about how great the event was, and it certainly seemed like everyone had a great time.
Hard to pick out any favorites in the wines, since likes and dislikes of wine is different for each individual, but going out on a limb, Childress Vineyards (that’s the same Richard Childress who owns a NASCAR team) is turning out some really good wines–especially the reds. Locally, Sanctuary Vineyards is creating some very pleasant, very drinkable wines. Although most of their wines are tending toward dry table wines, their  Sweet Serenity is one of the best muscadine wines I’ve had. As a footnote to that, I don’t generally care for sweet wines, but this particular wine has really captured the essence of this local grape.
The whole event was for a good cause, which made the day even better. The Outer Banks Relief Foundation has been the first line of defense against tragedy for innumerable Outer Banks families. The grants it gives almost never exceed $3000 and most of them are much closer to $500. They are meant to be short term help to get a family or individual back on their feet–it is not designed to be a longterm solution. Nonetheless, since it’s founding eight years ago, the OBRF has handed out over $850,000 in aid.
That type of quick reaction and help for our neighbors is one of the reasons we here at Brindley Beach Vacations were one of the sponsors for this year’s event. We love the community in which we live and we are proud of how generous local businesses and individuals are. 
We’re especially proud of our Lee Whitley who was one of the co-chairs for the event this year. Lee, now you can take a deep breath, relax and take well-deserved kudos for a job well done.