Duck's Cottage in the Waterfront Shops in Duck.

One of the problems that does come up when we write about the businesses that are open on the Outer Banks in the winter, is it seems often that they’re all concentrated in the main towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. To a certain extent that's probably right, but it’s not completely right and with another nor’easter due in tomorrow night, we got to thinking about what to do when the weather is not cooperating.

Reading comes to mind—maybe a good book, a trashy novel, something classic, something in between—but there is something special about turning a page and seeing what the author has to say next.

Which brings up the subject of businesses that are open in places other that the three main Outer Banks towns. 

Duck has two very good book stores . . . and they’re open year round. 

Island Books in Scarborough Fair is a classic books store with a huge collection. A neat place just to wander around, there’s an attic filled with rooms and rooms of books. Certainly a place made for browsing.

Duck’s Cottage in the Waterfront Shops is in a converted hunt club. The selection of books is not nearly as large, but they make killer espresso drinks. There’s nothing quite like sitting at a cafe table glancing through a book and watching the world go by.