Government Mule on stage at Roanoke Island Festival Park, Sunday July 7.

Government Mule on stage at Roanoke Island Festival Park, Sunday July 7.

Gov’t Mule has been around for a while and they have built a reputation for great music and a fantastic show. They played Roanoke Island Festival Park Sunday night, and somehow they exceeded all expectations.

Trying to describe how good their music is, is almost impossible. It’s not just the music or the songs. It’s how incredibly talented each member of the Gov’t Mule group is.

Why Gov’t Mule Is so Good

Warren Haynes is certainly the frontman. Great voice and his guitar playing is legendary, from the Allman Brothers Band to a stint with the Grateful Dead and his own solo work. His skill on the guitar has to be witnessed to be truly appreciated.

But none of that would matter if the rest of the Gov’t Mule group wasn’t every bit as good, and with Danny Louis on keyboards, Jorgen Carlsson on bass and Matt Abts on drums, the sound is as perfect as could be.

What sets Government Mule apart though, it the range of music they play. That may be the key to why they have survive 20 years in the music industry. They simply refuse to be categorized.

Want to hear some jazz? Some of the licks and especially the intros to a number of songs were pure jazz. Hard rock? The band jammed out with some amazing rock tunes like St. Stephen or Larger Than Life.

What about an easier listening song. They gave the crowd a classic version of Soulshine.

The crowd size looked to be close to 2000, which given the constant light rain that fell throughout the evening was really  impressive.  More impressive, perhaps, is no one left.

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