Outer Banks beaches are ready for our guests.

Outer Banks beaches are ready for our guests.

The weather was about as wonderful as it could be for the grand reopening of the Outer Banks this weekend. A little bit warm but not too warm; a nice breeze. Perfect.

And our guests really seemed ready for it and ready to be back on the Outer Banks. The order restricting access was lifted at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning and the cars were lined up at the Wright Memorial Bridge like Nascar drivers at the beginning of a heat.

We would like to think the rest of the week is going to be as nice, but unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it’s going to be. Tropical Storm Arthur is lurking offshore, tracking up the East Coast.

Tropical Storm Arthur Passes Outer Banks 

It won’t be a direct hit by any means, but the storm is starting to spread out as it loses tropical characteristics, so we are going to feel some effects.

The best way to describe what it will be like is miserable. Starting somewhere early morning tonight and into tomorrow, there will be lots of rain some pretty gusty winds, and it will stay that way until sometime early evening tomorrow if the forecast track holds.

Figure 10-12 hours of generally yucky weather.

The rest of the week isn’t looking all that great either, although nothing at all like Monday is going be. The reason Arthur is being pushed out to sea is a cold front is moving through. That front is going to bring light showers and overcast conditions through Friday.

We can control a lot of things to help our guests have the best time possible while visiting the Outer Banks. But the weather is one thing we can’t control.

It is great seeing all of our friend coming back to the Outer Banks, with so many more guests still on their way.

Please remember to stock up as much as possible before coming. The supply chain problems that are plaguing the rest of the nation area being experienced here as well. Paper goods and meat are particularly affected.

Outer Banks residents have done a fantastic job of remembering social distancing and most of us keep our masks on when social distancing is difficult. Much like the rest of the country.

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