Cracking crab while Trae Pierce and the T-stones perform at Crabdaddy.

Wow was Crabdaddy fun. Perfect weather, great music from Trae Pierce and the T-stones—a little bit funky but definitely rock—lots and lots of freshly steamed crabs and some really good wine from Sanctuary Vineyards.

And…the setting on the north lawn of the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg made it just about perfect.

Since it’s harvest time for many of the grapes in the vineyards, it’s important that all that juice not go to waste, so there was also a grape stomping contest. For anyone who remembers the I Love Lucy episode with Lucy stomping grapes in Italy…we’ll just say that Lucy is not in danger of losing her queen of the grape stompers crown anytime soon.

Crabdaddy has grown over the years, and according to John Wright, Vineyard Manager, this was the largest one to date. He mentioned that originally he was planning on selling 500 tickets but at the last minute Hunter Stuart from I Got Your Crabs, the Kitty Hawk restaurant supplying the main dish, said he had a really good harvest over the past week, so John sold an additional 200 tickets.

Located under the towering pines on the Cotton Gin’s property, there was still plenty of room for everyone.

A great event with the 2017 version already scheduled for the last Saturday in September next year.

Next up at Sanctuary Vineyards—Currishuck. Oysters, Oysters and more oysters the Saturday after Thanksgiving.