Joseph Terrell's latest novel, Deadly Dreams of Summer.

Joseph Terrell’s latest novel, Deadly Dreams of Summer.

Two authors who are icons of the Outer Banks publishing world have new books out this summer and they are worth a good look. Suzanne Tate and Joseph Terrell continue to create wonderful books.

Suzanne Tate—Tommy Tuna, a Tale of a Big Fish

Suzanne Tate's 40th Nature Serier book for children, Tommy Tuna.

Suzanne Tate’s 40th Nature Series book for children, Tommy Tuna.

This is Suzanne Tate’s 40th book in her nature series for children with all of the books illustrated by Outer Banks artist James Melvin.

Tates books are most assuredly children’s books—three years of age to about seven—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t meticulously researched.

She always tells a good story that holds the interest of children, but intertwined with the story, is remarkably accurate scientific fact about the species the story is focussed on.

Best of all, James Melvins’ illustrations merge perfectly with the story, but are remarkable works of art that could stand on their own.

Joseph Terrell—Deadly Sins of Summer

The latest in his Harrison Weaver mysteries, Terrell’s Deadly Dreams of Summer is a bit of a departure from his other novels.

Still set on the Outer Banks, and yes there is a murder involved, but this particular novel takes on human trafficking.

In conversations about this Deadly Sins, Terrell discussed the research he did to make sure the fiction novel he was writing reflected the reality of human trafficking.

The book is a great read. It is, however, a little darker than his other Harrison Weaver mysteries.

A disclaimer: Joseph Terrell’s novels are works of fiction and do not reflect the crime statistics of the Outer Banks.

Both authors write great beach books. Tony Tuna is fantastic for kids. Deadly Sins is the perfect book to read, relaxing in the sun on a towel as ocean waves wash the tension of day to day life away.

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