Scene from Manteo High School's production of Phantom of the Opera.

Every once in a while it feels good to brag about your hometown—call out for everyone to see something that is being done particularly well locally.

In this case, it’s time to give a shout out to the schools, especially in this case, two of the Outer Banks high schools, Manteo and First Flight in Kill Devil Hills.

It’s the theatre departments that are doing it. These kids are putting on some plays that would challenge professionals and they’re doing a really good job at it.

Last weekend it was 9-5 at First Flight. Based on the movie, and with music by Dolly Parton, it takes a hard look at the workplace and a woman’s roll in it. Some of the issues the play—and movie—addressed don’t seem as acute as when the movie came out in 1980, but the play still resonates. 

What really brought it alive the performances by the kids that made of a great evening of entertainment.

Then this weekend Manteo High is presenting Phantom of the Opera. The vocals in that play are known to challenge even seasoned professionals but the kids really pulled it off. The lead characters were especially strong.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day challenges of life that we forget how important community is—especially the kids and schools. But that’s where the future likes and watching them take the stage with so much self-confidence and talent, is very reassuring.