The 2019 Outer Banks Marathon was greeted with just about perfect weather this morning. Bright sunshine, no wind to speak of, and temperatures that never did get out of the 50s during the race.

The Marathon and the half Marathon were run today. Yesterday some of the shorter races were happening. The result is a true runner’s weekend.

With the weather cooperating the times were fast, although not quite record setting. Results have been posted for the races, but there seems to be some duplication between last year’s results and this year’s. We’ll wait a bit before including official results.

It does appear, though, that the top finishers are accurate. That would place Byan Morseman from Bath, NY as the leader with Harrison Kirigwi a minute and a half behind him in second place.

We saw Morseman and Kirigwi in on Moor Shore Road in Kitty Hawk and they were competing for the lead at that time with no one even close to them. It looks as though that’s how they ran the whole race.

Jaqueline Alnes took top position in the women’s division with a winning time of 3:07:09.

Outer Banks Marathon and Half Marathon

The Southern Fried Half Marathon is a great race as well. Beginning at Jockey’s Ridge, there are always many more competitors in that race than the marathon. It is, of course, a faster race, although with so many participants the average mile overall is a bit slower.

However the mile time for the winner of the Half Marathon, Cyrus Korir was 4:59. Moreseman’s average time in the Marathon was 5:39.

The Outer Banks Marathon is the premier running event of the year. But there are plenty of other opportunities for runners on the Outer Banks.

The day before Thanksgiving there the Tipsy Turkey Beer Mile a one mile drink and run course sponsored by the Outer Banks Brewing Station that beer lovers will really enjoy. On Thanksgiving morning there’s the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot in Duck.

There’s still plenty to do on the Outer Banks. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Outer Banks when the crowds have gone home. Plan your offseason stay with Brindley Beach at one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals.