Hello 2021!

Hello 2021!

Well it’s certainly been a heck of a year, and honestly there’s not a lot of regret in seeing 2020 in the rear view mirror.

The odd thing is, here on the Outer Banks, we seem to have come through a very difficult time doing ok. From a business and economic standpoint that is.

The Outer Banks communities have done a lot of things right, but even if we have been able to do a little better than some places in controlling how many people become ill, it’s still stressful.

It is a bit difficult to think back over the year and what has happened.

There are a couple of things that 2020 taught us about the Outer Banks that we really like.

We always knew that people loved our live on a sandbar. But back there in April and May when only residents were allowed to be here, we didn’t know what would happen.

Then the restrictions were lifted and more people than ever came to spend some time with us.

2020 Saw More Visitors Than Ever

And they loved it.

We know they loved it for a couple of reasons. Certainly they told us they did.

But we also saw more people than ever deciding that they wanted to buy a house here on the Outer Banks.

Although most of us have been able to get through the year in pretty good shape, our friends in the restaurant business had a very difficult year. With restrictions on how many people could be seated and in some cases how late they could be open, the summer was not at all what it has been in the past.

So the next time you’re visiting the Outer Banks, place a couple of to go orders with your favorite restaurants—almost all of them have become adept at getting great meals packaged to travel home.

We’re looking forward now to 2021. Excited about it here at Brindley Beach Vacations. With 2020 disappearing behind us, hopefully the bad memories will fade and the good we learned will make us better.