Map with location of Southern Shores road closure on S. Dogwood Trail.

We have some road news to report today and for anyone driving through Southern Shores, it’s important information to have.

South Dogwood Trail at the Tall Pine Bridge will be closed Monday and will remain closed until late May. One of the original bridges of the town, NCDOT inspectors have given the bridge a rating alf insufficient for the past few years and the town felt there was no choice but to replace it.

Tall Pine Bridge is between Tall Pine Road and Fairway Drive. There is no easy detour around the bridge. The only way to get to the north side of the bridge is to use NC12 and turn on to E. Dogwood.

One other road closure, this one in Kitty Hawk that drivers need to be aware of. The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk is closed from E. Kitty Hawk Road—next to the Black Pelican—to Lillian Street. Depending on the repairs being done, the closure could at time extend south to White Avenue.

Following a series of late September, early October storms, the ocean overrated the road and destroyed the roadbed in that section. Repairs call for laying down a base of sandbags and rebuilding the dune line. The use of sandbags as a road bed has been very successful in other areas of the Beach Road.

NCDOT plans to have the road reopened by mid December.