Lots of room to display all of the inventory at the new Jubilee Music Store location.

Lots of room to display all of the inventory at the new Jubilee Music Store location.

Jubilee Music Store has moved. A pretty small move, just from one location in Seagate North in Kill Devil Hills to another, but in terms of what it means, it’s big.

The new space where Mom’s Sweet Shop used to be, is at least twice as big. It used to be two stores so there is two times as much wall space to hang instruments. Finally, all the guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins, clarinets, trumpet…all of it is on display.

All of that may have been on display at the old shop, but with so much inventory crammed into such a small area, it was really tough to see everything.

Jubilee Music Store – What It’s All About

For musicians, the Jubilee Music Store moving is a really big deal. Owner Ronnie Swaim believes that the only way any musician can know whether to buy an instrument is to play it. That’s any musician. Beginner, struggling to be intermediate, or guitar god.

As a consequence walking into the Jubilee Music Store is like entering dreamland for anyone who loves music.

At least half the time there’s someone playing some instrument. Other times, just a group of musicians standing around talking about their experiences.

There are a couple of new features in the store. There is actually room now to spread out and display everything. Coolest of all, though, is a small stage where groups should be coming to play from time to time.

The stage is not large at all. Not even a foot above the floor. Still, given all the folks Ronnie has come to know over the years, there is no telling who may be on stage.

Ronnie will still be fixing instruments. He’s actually a recognized luthier, highly skilled in repairing stringed instruments. The store also rents out guitars.

The old location is scheduled to become the new home for the Mustang Outreach Program that has been turning kids into polished rock and roll performers for about eight years now.

Mom’s Sweet Shop moved a little bit north to where the Kill Devil Hills Duck Village Outfitter store had been. There’s still work going on there, but they should be open soon.

Summer is really here on the Outer Banks. We have so many interesting Musicians and DJs in the area for our music lovers! We hope your stay with us at Brindley Beach Vacations is everything you hoped it would be.