Two-headed car driven by the Outer Banks Beach Bums.

There is something about Mike Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Nags Head that is perfectly Outer Banks.

Maybe it’s the kids of Dare County Gymnastics doing cartwheels down the Beach Road; or the two-headed car that the Outer Banks Beach Bums drive that can’t seem to make up it’s mine which way to go. Maybe it’s the beautifully restored classic cars cruising by at walking speed in what seems like a forever line of autos.

Maybe it’s all of that. It probably is.

The 27th Annual Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade delivered as it always does—a huge dose of fun, a chance to laugh at ourselves on the Outer Banks and something that sometimes seems to rare—a day that families can truly enjoy together.

The weather certainly helped this year. It started warm and stayed pleasant, although clouds did roll in. There might have been a very light sprinkle or two, but it was hardly noticeable.

For anyone who has been to Kelly’s parade, that is description enough. Trying to explain why it’s like to someone who has not experienced it is like trying to explain the creatures of On Beyond Zebra to someone who does not know who Dr. Seuss is.

The parade is at once a reflection of Outer Banks life—veteran’s groups march, police cruiser cruise and fire trucks sound their siren; and it is whacky in the best sense of the word. Where else would a trumpet playing unicyclist twirling a lasso find a home.