The Beach Chair Precision Drill Team at Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Spring has officially come to the Outer Banks. Admittedly the first day of Spring isn’t until next Friday, but Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a more sure sign that days are getting longer, the weather milder and the winter doldrums are fading into memory that a day on the calendar.

This was the 26th Annual Parade and there was some pretty good weather this year—sunshine, temperatures in the 60’s . . . and continuing a 26 year tradition, the parade is a wonderfully diverse band of participants. There are high school marching band, there is the SNH White Trash Beach Chair Precision Drill Team (really—they are precise and they use beach chairs). Every Outer Banks fire department is there, dogs march, children dance, a unicyclist plays the trumpet and jumps rope . . . it is, in short, the Outer Banks—creative, filled with fun and truly understanding how important family is.

The next big event is the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach next weekend, and the latest forecast doesn’t look too bad. After that, it’s Easter and spring break.

Great times to visit the Outer Banks—unless, of course, you live here. For those it’s just a great time to be here.