Inflatable Circus Train. One of the most popular rides at the 57th Annual Kitty Hawk Elementary School Carnival.

Ask just about anyone who lives on the Outer Banks and they will say being a part of this community is like no place they have ever lived. There is a can-do spirit that speaks volumes about what is possible when we agree on what is important and focus on a common goal.

For the people who live here, the education of our children is a rallying cry; a priority that all of us are willing to invest time, effort and, yes, money to make sure our kids have the best chance of success possible.

That pride in our community and schools was on full display at the Kitty Hawk Elementary School Fall Carnival on Saturday.

It is not, however, how many people were there that made this stand out. It was the level of support from the entire community. The carnival is a benefit for the school’s PTA and individuals and businesses gave and gave generously. Brindley Beach was a Gyrfalcon donor, one of the major donors to the event.

Of course, we can get easily get tied up in writing about money and community support and how much the schools appreciate all that is done for them, but it’s really important to note—the event was a lot of fun.

All the Outer Banks elementary schools sponsor a carnival, but this was the 57th Annual KHES Carnival making it the original Outer Banks fundraiser for a school. Over the years, the organizers have learned how to do it right.

It helps that the weather cooperated on Saturday, but the layout, the rides, even what it costs—tickets were a dollar each and they got kids on just about everything—showed parents and educators who know and care about kids.

There were a few very simple games that K-2 could enjoy. Beyond that there were the coolest inflatable rides ever. Personal favorite was the Circus Train. Kids got to wander through it’s inflatable innards and emerge squealing with delight a few minutes later.

The Carnival is the only fundraiser for the KHES PTA but it has, in the past, been extraordinarily successful, and Saturday’s event was no exception.

PTA Carnival Chair Ashley Contristan took note of the success of the carnivals over the years, saying, “We have a great problem here. We have to figure where the money goes.”