Kites filled the sky at the first day of the Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Brothers Kite Festival.

The weather gods were smiling on the Outer Banks today—or at least they are at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills where Kitty Hawk Kites was holding it’s 40th Wright Kite Festival.

There was a perfect kite flying breeze from the northeast that held steady all day. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures stayed in the low 80s. It would be hard to imagine a better day to be outside flying a kite.

An the kites were flying—filling the sky as we have never seen it before. We checked with John Harris, President of Kitty Hawk Kites, and he said much the same thing, that he did not recall every having so many kites in the sky and being able to sustain their flight for so long.

Even though all those gigantic kites floating in the sky is visually spectacular, watching giant kites sway back in forth in the wind was just one part of the event. There was also kite making for kids—and the kites really fly; face painting and stunt kite demos.

The Wright Kite Festival is a two day event, so they’ll be back tomorrow—and the weather is looking similar, if a bit warmer. Still good for a day to fly a kite.