The low clouds and little bit of fog this morning didn’t stop the Rogallo Kite Festival from happening at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Giant kites filled the sky, and by afternoon the clouds were breaking up and the colors of the kites stood out in contrast to the blue of the sky.

The Kitty Hawk Kites Rogallo Festival is great way to remember Francis Rogallo who was a pioneer in flight engineering. A NASA scientist, Mr. Rogallo invented the Rogallo Wing, a flexible steerable wing that is the basis for hang gliders, paragliders, modern parachutes, and almost every stunt kite in existence.

A resident of Southern Shores, Mr. Rogallo died in 2009 at the age of 97.

The Rogallo Kite Festival is a marvelous celebration of kite flying. The sky above Jockey’s Ridge is filled with giant kites, smaller kites and lots of kids flying delta and diamond kites. For the more adventurous flyers, there are stunt kites to try out with lessons for the novice.

The winds were a little bit too strong for the stunt kites today—on the dunes the winds were blowing around 12-15 with gusts a little over 20mph. When winds get up around 20 things start happening really fast with stunt kites and it’s not a good environment for first time flyers to learn the sport. 

The Festival is a three day event, and the winds are looking more cooperative tomorrow.