Playing in the surf on a winter's day.

Sunday’s weather beatdown has headed north, and not a day too soon. The tides were running really high, huge waves—a pretty typical winter nor’easter. 

The ocean was still pretty churned up along the Outer Banks today, but with a west wind blowing at 15mph the waves stacked up and curled in on themselves before they could get to shore. High tide was still above normal, but there was a beach to walk on, even if it was chilly.

There were a couple of dogs—a black lab and golden retriever—playing in the surf along the Kitty Hawk beach, and if they noticed that the water temperature was 45 they weren’t showing any signs of it.

The surf had peeled back the sand dune along the Beach Road to the sandbags that were used to create the roadbed along that strip of street around the Black Pelican. The good news is there was no damage to the road, so it looks as though the repairs made last year are working.

At one point or another most of the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk north of the Black Pelican was closed during the storm, and until beach nourishment begins, that will probably be the norm for that stretch of road. 

The good news is funding is in place and the first set of permits have been approved. Tentative plans call for nourishment to begin in April or May.

Our hopes for a Carolina Panthers victory did not pan out. Congrats to the Broncos and Bronco fans, and at least there is solace in knowing that if Peyton Manning is going to retire, a class act is going out a winner.