Winks is now serving ice cream. Take out only.

Winks is now serving ice cream. Take out only.

Will Winks make a comeback? Maybe, just maybe.

When the iconic store on the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk closed two years ago, there were a lot of questions. The store itself had been built in 1953 and there hadn’t been too many improvements made to it over the years.

Speculation was that it would be torn down and homes put up in its place.

As it turns out, that may not happen.

The owner Tammy Nichols of Art’s Place, which is next door, would like to renovate the old building and return Winks to what it was originally—a neighborhood store where shoppers could pick up a couple of things quickly without running to a super market.

It’s not going to be a quick process.

Nichols purchased the building earlier this year, hoping to use the money from a good season at Art’s Place to finance the renovation. Then COVID changed her plans.

Because it’s so small inside, Art’s Place is doing takeout only. That does not leave as much money for the renovations.

What Has Been Done & What’s to Come

Still, work has gotten done. On the north side, facing Eckner Street, there’s ice cream available Tuesday through Sunday. There are a few tables with umbrellas in front of the window for anyone who wants sit and enjoy their frozen treat.

Next summer Nichols is hoping to have a small retail area stocked with groceries and produce. In an interview, though, she stressed that the interior of the building needs extensive work to bring it up to code. And that will be time consuming and expensive.

She’s hopeful that she is going to get there, so we’ll hope along with her.

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