The Ladles crew.

It’s winter. It’s cold. The wind is blowing and just about the time the shivering begins thoughts of a steaming bowl of soup seems about perfect. Which is probably why Ladles, that opened up in Kill Devil Hills just before Christmas seems so popular.

Opened by a couple of friends who met while on cleaning duty at the Outer Banks Hospital, the newest restaurant on the local scene keeps it simple—homemade soup, fresh sandwiches, good prices. And we should add every soup is made from scratch every morning. 

It also helps that prices are reasonable; it would be tough for a couple to spend more than $20 on lunch. 

Located in what was once an Arby’s on the Bypass almost on the KDH/Nags Head town line, it’s pretty clear locals have taken to the soup and sandwich shop—at lunch and dinner there are always lines at the counter.

Service is pretty good though and if there is a little bit of a wait, it’s worth it. Having tried just about every soup on the menu—as well as a couple of the daily specials—there have been no disappointments.

Some favorites—the turkey chile has just enough kick to it to hold your attention but the flavors; the she crab soup is a hardy meal loaded with crab; for the daily specials, the ham and bean and shepherds pie really stood out.

For visitors heading to the Outer Banks, it’s defiantly worth a try.