Trio Wine, Beer and Cheese in Kitty Hawk is one of the stores that makes Christmas shopping on the Outer Banks special.

Like just about every other place anywhere where Christmas is celebrated, the last few days before the holiday are filled with a mad scramble to finish all those wish lists. Or a bit earlier in the week standing in line at the local post office or shipping store, hoping to get that last package off in time for it to spend at least a day under the Christmas Tree.

That there is even a mad scramble for last minute gifts anywhere on the Outer Banks is one of the clearest signs there is that tells the story of how much things have changed.

Twenty years ago if there was a mad scramble, it was to get to Hampton Roads to go gift shopping. But that’s not the case anymore at all. Certainly a lot of local presents are coming from the online folks, but a quick tour of local businesses made it clear that a.) there were plenty of people out and about shopping; and b.) there was lots to choose from.

Stopping by one of the local bookstores one of the clerks mentioned it was as busy today as any summer day. Same thing at Trio, the wine, beer and cheese store and bistro—same story, busy all day. A little bit north of the Outer Banks, up at the Cotton Gin and Sanctuary Vineyards, the tasting room had people lined up and the retail store seemed busy as well.

Twenty years ago—before the turn of the century?— the Outer Banks just wasn’t this busy during the holiday season. Is it like New York, Philadelphia or Washington, DC with that constant hustle and bustle of people running to everything?

Of course not—and it will never be like that. 

The Outer Banks is, well, the Outer Banks. We like to take our time…talk to people…get to know where they’re from and why they’re visiting. We like the traditions that make this time of the year so special.

So it’s nice to think that some of that last minute Christmas scramble can take place here, but it’s even nicer to know of all reasons it feels good to call the Outer Banks home. Click here and check out some of our wonderful villa rentals in Outer Banks!