Building the duneline along the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk.

What’s the lyrics to the Rolling Stones? “This may be the last time?”

Hopefully that’s what’s happening on the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk as NCDOT rebuilds the dune in front of Black Pelican once again. 

That strip of road between Starfish Lane and White Street has been subject to repeated ocean overwash and damage to the roadbed over the past five or six years.

This latest attempt should hold things together until the beach nourishment scheduled for Kitty Hawk in late June begins.

The entire length of the Kitty Hawk Beach will be nourished in this round of nourishment. The process is expected to take right around 60 days.

Although the beach will be sectioned off as specific areas are nourished, there will be some disruption, and that can’t be avoided. Beaches have to be nourished when the weather is less likely to be stormy. 

Storms can remove some sand prematurely if the process has not been completed—keeping in mind that there is a planned loss of sand to form a sandbar as part of the nourishment process to protect the shoreline. 

The main concern, though, during a storm event is getting the dredges and equipment to a safe harbor—a time consuming process that will cost two to three days every time it happens.

With spring here and summer close behind, the Outer Banks is out of the storm season. We do sometimes get summer storms, but they are rarely as powerful as a nor’easter, they don’t hang around as long and they’re less frequent.

So, hopefully the dune that is being rebuilt will hold and “this will be the last time…”