Last week I wrote that the last cold snap–two weeks ago–appeared to be the last one of the season. OK. I was wrong. But I plead ignorance fueled by erroneous weather forecasts.
Thus does the weatherman make liars of us all.
This last blast may have been the most miserable yet–howling winds, sleet and freezing rain. And as a special tease, on Sunday the only clouds in the sky were wispy tendrils of white with temperatures were in the mid 60s.
With all of the statistical information indicating the forecasters have been getting the Outer Banks weather consistently wrong, it seems dangerous to say that for the next week or so, the weather looks pretty nice. . . . but we’ll say it anyway. Really, it does look as though things are improving.
Regardless of the short term forecast, in a month it will be April and rental properties are going to begin to fill up for Spring Break. After that the trend continues right on into the summer. 


Although we’re not weather forecasters (which for the Outer Banks make give us added legitimacy), here at Brindley Beach Vacations we do know the Outer Banks market and we can safely forecast almost 100% occupancy during the summer. Which is a reminder to call us and reserve your family’s vacation home as soon as possible.