Live performance at Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern.

In our last blog we wrote about how much is scheduled on the Outer Banks even though it’s getting really close to winter. That’s a real change from as recently as six or seven years ago.

Along with all the activities keeping things moving, the entertainment scene is pretty strong as well. Not as full or strong as the Outer Banks in the summer, but then again, there aren’t as many visitors here. 

Most of the entertainment is in the Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head area, although there may be some live music happening in Duck that we just haven’t found.

Trio in Kitty Hawk, has live entertainment every day but Sunday, and the setting and the music really seems to work well together. Also in Kitty Hawk, Ocean Boulevard has live music every Friday night. Coupled with great food, an outstanding wine list and excellent martinis, it can make for a great night out.

One of the largest live music bar or nightclub on the Outer Banks is probably the Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills. Check out their event calendar—they always have a lot happening. Great place for dinner to.

The other really large venue is Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head. A great place for live music, two floors and the acoustics aren't too bad.

Poor Richard’s in Manteo almost always has live music on weekends. It’s a pretty crazy scene. Small bar with lots of people packed in. Like being back in college. It’s a lot of fun.