Local musician on the Tap Shack stage.

Local musician on the Tap Shack stage.

Live music is alive and well once again on the Outer Banks. It never went away all the way, but now with restrictions lifted, it’s back and maybe stronger than ever.

Things are a little bit different now, though—and COVID restrictions had a lot to do with that. But this is one time when all those adjustments that had to be made may have created something better.

There is far more outdoor live music than there ever was in the past on the Outer Banks. And the places that traditionally featured it have upgraded

Jack Brown’s in Kill Devil Hills put in what is almost a mini stage. Nicely designed it should music sound even better. The Brewing Station also improved their backyard with a stage and an improved sound system.

But where the biggest change has occurred may be in Duck.

Outdoor Venues Feature Live Music in Duck

Hard as it may be to imagine, the little village of Duck has suddenly become the Outer Banks place to be to hear live music outdoors.

There are now five venues in the village offering music in an outdoor setting.

The Tap Shack behind Cravings really upped their game with a larger tent to in case it rains and an improved bar service. The Roadside has their Backside offering and it would be hard imagine a more beautiful setting to listen to music than Aqua.

Added to the mix in Duck, though, Red Sky Cafe and NC Coastal Grill are now also offering music under the stars.

What happened with Red Sky and NC Coastal Grill is that chef and owner Wes Stepp put in outdoor seating areas as a way to seat more people safely during COVID restrictions. As he explained it recently, once he had the outdoor seating, bringing in live music was a natural next step.

The summer is hopping on the Outer Banks but the fall is looking good as well. Be sure to make your Brindley Beach Vacations reservations as soon as possible.