Ocracoke Strong seems to be working as the Village rebuilds for 2020.

Ocracoke Strong seems to be working as the Village rebuilds for 2020.

As we come to the end of the year, it seems like a good time to take a look into 2020 a think about some of the good things we hope will be happening.

Of course we can’t look forward without acknowledging the past, and this past year Dorian threw Ocracoke a punch that still has the island reeling.

But the good news for 2020, though, is the village is coming back and coming back strong. It’s not there yet, but by April just about all of the businesses will be reopen and homes will be repaired and livable once again.

Hatteras Village and the southern end of Hatteras Island took a beating as well, but the damage was not nearly as severe as it was on Ocracoke. Also helping Hatteras get back on its feet was the easy road access from the mainland. Getting workers and supplies to Ocracoke, which is completely reliant on ferries, has complicated the recovery.

More to Look Forward to in 2020

The Jug Handle bridge that will bypass the S Curves is making good progress. It won’t be ready until 2021, but just knowing that construction is moving forward on one of the most overwashed areas of Pea Island has to be considered good news.

Some good news from up north in Corolla for 2020. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund will be moving their store, museum and offices back to Corolla Village.

When their old offices became what is now the Water’s Edge Village Charter School in Corolla, they had to move to a store front in the Stony Brook Shops about five miles south of the village.

They did what they could with the space, but really, the CWF is part of Corolla and the move back to the Village is great news.

We checked the visitation statistics for the Outer Banks. They’re reported now through October. Even with with September being affected by Dorian, the visitation is still up. Bodes well for 2020.

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