A Corolla Wild Mustang grazes on sea grass. Just one of many reasons to visit or live on the Outer Banks.

A Corolla Wild Mustang grazes on sea grass. Just one of many reasons to visit or live on the Outer Banks.

Welcome to 2021. We’re pretty excited about what the year has to offer. The Outer Banks is coming off what seems to have been the best year we’ve ever had welcoming visitors.

All those visitors, from newest to most experienced, seems to have created an interesting situation. People fell in love with the Outer Banks and a lot of them buy a home. Or in some cases, take their home out of the rental market and spend more time at the beach.

We’ll mention this now and we’ll probably call attention to this again—make your Outer Banks vacation plans as soon as possible.

For us at Brindley Beach Vacations, some of our rental homes became permanent homes for owners. That means we have a few less properties to rent this year.

No need to panic, but don’t wait too long.

Reasons for Strong Sales

We’re not sure about all of the reasons that so many people decided to either buy a home or make their home a primary residence. For any family, that is a huge decision.

We suspect some of the what is happening is the realization that in world that has become as connected as we are experiencing, the office is wherever there’s a laptop, iPad or computer. As long as there’s good network connection, it doesn’t matter where you are.

So if the choice is being cooped up in a city or a suburban setting, packed together with no room and no view…well, the Outer Banks seems like a wonderful antidote to that.

Of course there is more going into any decision to move here. For families, the schools play an important role, and the Outer Banks has an excellent school system.

Whatever the reason or reasons may be for deciding to move to our stretch of the beach, it’s happening in unprecedented numbers. We don’t have final figures quite yet for real estate sales, but just through November, we have never seen anything like this.

The one thing that may slow sales down is we’re running out of homes to sell.

It’s looking like a great year to visit or live on the Outer Banks. For anyone with questions about living here or making your vacation plans, here at Brindley Beach Vacations we love talking about our home.