Manteo 2020 celebration included fireworks and letting the world know it was a New Year.

Manteo 2020 celebration included fireworks and letting the world know it was a New Year.

It’s now 2020 and the Manteo celebration rang the New Year in in style last night.

Of course there were quite a number of other New Year’s Eve Celebrations all over the Outer Banks, but there is something about the Manteo festivities that seems to make it special.

For the past few years, Manteo has been throwing a very nice street party on the waterfront along Shallowbag Bay to welcome usher out the old and welcome in the new.

The 2020 version was absolutely wonderful.

Manteo Celebration a Little Bit Different

They do a couple of things a bit differently in Manteo. One in particular.

At 8:00 p.m. the town sponsors a ball drop and countdown to the new year so youngest children get to participate. It’s nice touch; a nice gesture and a lot of families come downtown just for that.

It’s not terribly complicated. A ball of bright lights are lowered by rope from the second story of the old Dare County Courthouse. At the stroke of 8:00 the ball goes to full illumination and confetti is released.

Not the most sophisticated way to do it, but the kids love it.

After that there’s live music. This year from local rock band Formula. North Carolina band Urban Sole was the headliner with their tight rhythms, great vocals and fun music.

There were food trucks, restaurants and coffee shops stayed open late. Music and dancing—all of it outside.

The weather cooperated—chilly but not cold with a very light wind.

Then, at 11:59.50, the countdown began. The real countdown this time. And at midnight, to welcome the New Year, 2020 was illuminated on the Elizabeth II resting at her dock across Shallowbag Bay.

It was a wonderful time and we’ll look forward to next year’s festivities.

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