It looks as though Hurricane Matthew is going to be staying away from the Outer Banks. The final word isn’t in yet, so there is still some monitoring to do, but the forecast track for the past 24 hours has consistently shown the storm taking sharp right turn south of Ocracoke Island and heading out to sea.

Even though it looks as though we’re not going to be experiencing the storm surge, high winds and general misery of direct contact with a tropical system, Matthew is still letting us know he’s out there.

Tropical systems pump a lot of moisture into the atmosphere, and it looks as though that moisture is going to fall to the tune of 4”-5” on Saturday. With a forecast like that, Mike Dianna had no choice but to cancel this years’s Mustang Music Festival up in Corolla. That’s really too bad—it’s one of our favorite music festivals of the year.

We’re still waiting to hear from the Town of Duck about the 10th Annual Duck Jazz Festival. Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo—two amazing jazz guitarist are scheduled for Saturday at the Town Green. The rest of the Festival will be Sunday.

The town hasn’t made a decision yet. If they can’t play outdoors, we’ll cross our finger and hope there is some indoor venue somewhere in the town that can be made to work. 

If the weather is making this weekend tough, next weekend is worth checking out with the main event the Outer Banks Seafood Festival.