It’s Memorial Day so summer is officially here. Not the scientific summer, but the day and weekend that marks the beginning of the Outer Banks summer season.

It’s easy to forget as we pack a picnic basket, put some sun block on and head to the beach what Memorial Day really is all about. And in some ways, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We should take satisfaction in knowing that we are free to enjoy those everyday things that make life a joy. We shouldn’t have to worry about our freedoms, our families…we should just be free to treasure all of it.

It is that way because of the courage, and yes, sacrifice of too many of our fellow citizens to insure those freedoms we take for granted.

Memorial Day is a good day to recall that extraordinary sacrifice was made to allow us to enjoy our lives. Take a moment of silence to truly acknowledge that, and then honor that by making the most of our lives and our days.

There are usually Memorial Day ceremonies in our Outer Banks towns. This year, not so much.

Why It Was Difficult, but some good news

Even though they are not large ceremonies, they do take some time to organize and with the earlier uncertainty about whether large gatherings or any gathering would be permitted, there was not time to put everything in place.

We should mention here that Dare County, the largest county along the Outer Baks, actually leads the state in its vaccination rate. Through Friday, the last day North Carolina recorded vaccinations, 55.3% of the population is fully vaccinated.

What is perhaps most remarkable about that is number is for the total population, including 12-16 year old kids who just recently were ok’d for vaccinations and children younger than that who cannot yet receive the vaccination.

As summer comes it looks as though we’re ready for those beach days and family gatherings. The summer time that begins with Memorial Day.

Summer is pretty full, but fall is a wonderful time as well in a Brindley Beach Vacations home.