The message, faded and unclear, but just enough for figure out where it originated.

The message, faded and unclear, but just enough for figure out where it originated.

There is no doubt that the crown jewel of beachcombing is a message in a bottle. The mystery…the intrigue…the anticipation as the contents are teased out of that glass container.

Will it be a call for help from some desert island. Maybe the final wish of someone who has passed away as we wrote about in November of last year. Perhaps a scientific experiment.

Or a note from a young girl living on Prince Edward Island, Canada as Roy and Ann Huntley discovered on an Ocracoke beach last November.

The bottle had been in the water for three years and the note was considerably the worse for wear. Barely legible was something that looked like Canada. PEI was probably Prince Edward and there was even something that might have been a town.

How the Message Was Traced

The Huntleys figured the best way to track down the final piece of the puzzle was to see if a Canadian newspaper could help and they sent the information to the Guardian.

It took a while but they tracked the source to eight-year-old Dani McCormack who tossed the bottle into the water when she was five. At the time she was on a boating trip with her parents at Naufrage Harbor, PEI.

The messages is fairly unintelligible now and it’s not clear if Dani remembers what she wrote. What she does recall, though, according to the Ocracoke Observer, is her mother suggested she send the message in a bottle.

How the bottle got to Ocracoke from Prince Edward Island is a matter of conjecture.

It could have traveled all the way to Europe, south to Africa then back across the Atlantic picking up the Gulf Stream in Florida.

Or It could have skirted the Atlantic Coast floating in a series of currents that parallel the coast, finally coming ashore on Ocracoke.

Either way, it’s great story about spending time on the Outer Banks and watching the tide roll in. Stay with us at Brindley Beach Vacations and see what you can discover.