Sensi Trails at teh Mustang Midsummer Meltdown. (LtoR) Kyle Rush, Rachel Dickerson, Mike Rush.

The Mustang Midsummer Meltdown was happening Sunday evening into Monday morning…very early Monday morning…up in Corolla.

It was a great evening of music. 

Three groups—local reggae band Sensi Trails led off the evening with Buddha Council, another reggae band from Hampton Roads. The headliner was The Trongone Band from Richmond—hard rock played by some amazing musicians.

What may have been most surprising from the evening though was how good Sensi Trails was.

Sensi Trails is a trio—guitar, drum and bass. They’ve been together for about a year and a half now and the improvement over that time is incredible.

Yes, they’re a reggae band…kind of, but not at all exclusively. The arrangements and sound is reggae, but they’re not afraid to take chances, so they’ll play an intro to a song using a classic slow hand blues sound, but then take into the reggae feel.

The vocals are fantastic. Guitar and lead vocal Kyle Rising has a very good voice, but paired with Rachel Dickerson on drums, the sound is distinctly their own.

They also write much of their own music—and the music and arrangements are good as what anyone is doing right now.

This is a group to watch. That is not meant to denigrate any of the other bands that were playing—they were very, very good, but Sensi Trails seems to have something special happening and they are certainly a band to watch.