Milepost Magazine Poster

Milepost magazine has been publishing for the past ten years or so on the Outer Banks. It’s a bit irreverent at times. Sometimes pushes the limits of journalism to personal advocacy.

And it’s always a fun read.

Matt Walker, who has been is the publisher, editor and all around chief bottle-washer for the publication always seems to have a lot of fun with what he’s putting out there. The slogan that travels with the mag, “Stuck Here on Purpose,” seems to say it all about he and what he wants from his writers is all about.

This Friday—First Friday in Manteo—Matt is getting his own exhibition of the covers of Milepost as the featured artist for the month of March at the Dare County Arts Council.

A Fin Time at the Milepost Exhibit

It’s going to be a fun evening for a number of reasons.

First of all there’s Matt, who is a very gifted writer and editor, who also refused to take himself too seriously.

Then there are all the writers and friends of Matt…and his wife Lauren who handles advertising…who tend to be as irreverent and unserious as Matt.

Don’t misunderstand the situation. These are very gifted writers who are care deeply about their subjects their craft. But they also understand that the best way to face life is with a smile, and a bit smile at that.

The name of the show is Stuck Here On Purpose Exhibit Opening Reception, Art, Photos and Outtakes of 35 Issues of Milepost.

The opening reception begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery. That’s the old Dare County Courthouse in the heart of downtown Manteo.

As First Fridays go, it’s not quite the official first First Friday. That’s next month when the weather has a bit more chance to warm up. But, given the popularity of Mat and Milepost, expect a lot of fun and a lot of people.

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