The morning after at Balchen Street in Kitty Hawk.

The great blizzard of 2016 is now history. Maybe it’s winter storm Jonas, maybe Snowzilla or just the blizzard of 2016, whatever it may be called, here on the Outer Banks we seem to have gotten off pretty easy.

The storm actually formed right off Cape Hatteras—that’s when it really began to intensify, but it appears as though the Outer Banks was just a little bit south of the worst of it and surrounded by water, it only snowed a little bit last night.

There were some effects—especially in Kitty Hawk. The good news is the two repairs that was done to the Beach Road last summer and late fall, held up very well. There was some minimal overwash along that strip of road, but nothing major. 

North of that, though, NCDOT did close the Beach Road because of overwash during high  tide with significant standing water in the road and sand covering everything. However, that was very temporary—crews had it cleaned up by early afternoon.

North and west of us, of course, the storm was much more intense, with record snowfall up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The heaviest snowfall, according to early reports was at Mt. Mitchell with is about as far west in North Carolina as it gets. Since Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in the Eastern US, it stands to reason there would be a lot of snow. Still, 66” is a lot.

Life is getting back to normal on the Outer Banks. The sun is out, the wind has died down and temperatures seem to be returning to a much more reasonable mid 50s.