Downtown Manteo seemed to get the worst of the flooding from Tropcial Storm Michael.

Mother Nature threw us a curve last night. Tropical Storm Michael was supposed to be exiting with some wind, a little bit of rain and about a 1’ storm surge on the soundside.

The rain was pretty much as expected, but beginning about 11:00 p.m. the winds really started kick up from the southwest and those strong winds began pushing the waters of the sound to this little strip of sand.

The winds held steady at around 35-40 mph, but but gusts were about 20 mph higher. Wave heights on the Albemarle Sound in the Kitty Hawk area were measured at 51/2’. All that water pushed in one direction had to go somewhere and about 11:30 it was apparent where it was going.

There was a mad dash to cars to get them to higher ground if they were parked in any place prone to flooding. It’s a strange thing to witness water rising from ankle high to mid-thigh high is 15 minutes—and that’s what was happening.

Luckily the waters seemed to go down for the most part over night, although there was still plenty of cleanup to do. Manteo seemed to get the worst of it, with a number of waterfront businesses reporting water inside their stores.

The flooding was not nearly as bad as Hurricane Irene which tracked up the middle of the Outer Banks sounds, but it did get our attention.

Things are looking great, though, certainly for the weekend and the Mustang Rock and Roast. Looks good after that as well, with moderating daytime highs and light winds.